Grading - December 2019

posted 3 Dec 2019, 04:01 by Sim Hadlow

British Open 2019

posted 26 Nov 2019, 06:05 by Sim Hadlow   [ updated 26 Nov 2019, 06:43 ]

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the British Open 2019. Also a huge thank you to the Coaches, Umpires and helpers for putting in a massive effort on the day. Below are results but the best result is always the experience!
Sparring Gold 
- Alex - British Champion at age 6!
Sparring Silver
- Amelia 
- Noah H
- Genevieve
Sparring Bronze 
- Ben
- Hannah
- Archie
- Leanne
- Dana
Patterns Bronze
- Vicky
- Aida
- Mark
Special Technique Silver
- Lee Boy
- Genevieve
Special Technique Bronze
- Aida

UK OPEN 2019

posted 20 Nov 2019, 04:52 by Sim Hadlow

A fantastic day of competition for Oaks at the UK Open. Results as follows:

Hannah - Gold sparring, Silver patterns
Ben - Silver patterns
Ewan - Bronze sparring
Noah H - Bronze special technique
Minuki - Silver patterns
Theo - Bronze sparring
Amelia - Silver sparring
Amelia Rose - Bronze sparring
Phoebe - Bronze sparring
Lexie - Gold sparring
Alex - Gold special technique
Lizzie - Silver sparring

Thanks to all the coaches and helpers for making it a great day.

Oaks Black Belt Grading - November 2019

posted 4 Nov 2019, 02:08 by Sim Hadlow   [ updated 4 Nov 2019, 03:32 ]

Congratulations to 4 new Black Belts and 2 new 2nd degrees at Oaks Martial Arts!
Passing to 1st Dan are: Aida Chang, Mark Chang, Tony Burrows and Imogen Rands-Webb.
Passing to 2nd Dan are: Tyler Lacey and Noah Whitlock.

Girls Who Kick seminar - Edenbridge Oct 2019

posted 28 Oct 2019, 01:59 by Sim Hadlow

Edenbridge were very excited to host the third Girls Who Kick seminar, ITF England's initiative to get more females involved in Taekwon-Do. Special guest Master Lisa Pitman gave a master class in breaking in addition to sessions run by the GWK ambassadors. 

Grading - September 2019

posted 14 Oct 2019, 06:03 by Sim Hadlow

Mrs Hadlow VI Degree!

posted 29 Sep 2019, 11:52 by Sim Hadlow

We're pleased to announce that Mrs Hadlow has been promoted to 6th degree by Grand Master Nardizzi. Sunday 29 September 2019.

Hurst Green demo - Sept '19

posted 24 Sep 2019, 06:02 by Sim Hadlow

Mrs Daniels put on a fantastic demo at the Hurst Green fair on Saturday 21 September with lots of help from Oaks students showing what they can do. Thanks to everyone who took part!

London Open 2019

posted 9 Jul 2019, 07:49 by Sim Hadlow

Congratulations to the Oaks Squad for turning out in force at the London Open this year. Mrs Daniels and Mr Pang were delighted with the turn out and the effort put in. Some great results below - Go Oaks!! Huge thanks to the coaches, the helpers and Mr Bain for being our official on the ring.

Maisey        Bronze
Noah h        Bronze
Kobe          Bronze
Phoebe      Bronze
Hannah      Silver
Ewan         Bronze
Lexie          Bronze
Natasha     Silver

Genevieve  Bronze
Maisey        Bronze
Amelia        Silver
Lexie          Bronze
Minuki        Gold
Noah h       Silver
Kobe          Bronze
Jacob        Silver
Phoebe     Silver
Hannah     Silver
Nathan      Bronze
Natasha    Gold
Mark          Bronze

Natasha    Bronze

Grading - 30 June 2019

posted 1 Jul 2019, 02:39 by Sim Hadlow

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