ETA Rose Cup 2014

posted 12 May 2014, 01:33 by Sim Hadlow   [ updated 19 May 2014, 06:43 ]

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the ETA Rose Cup. We were really impressed with everyone's effort and attitude regardless of medals won or not.

Medal results:
Josie Longhurst - Gold sparring; Gold patterns
Aidan Collings - Gold sparring
Lucy Merkell - Gold sparring
Rupert Daniell - Silver sparring, Silver patterns
Lily Longhurst - Silver sparring
Joe Ryder - Silver sparring
Willow Kelley - Silver sparring
Lottie Lindsay - Silver sparring
Imogen Rands-Webb - Bronze patterns
Elodie Coulson - Bronze sparring
Chris Merkell - Bronze sparring
Aitana Rautenberg - Bronze sparring

A fantastic result!