London Open 2019

posted 9 Jul 2019, 07:49 by Sim Hadlow
Congratulations to the Oaks Squad for turning out in force at the London Open this year. Mrs Daniels and Mr Pang were delighted with the turn out and the effort put in. Some great results below - Go Oaks!! Huge thanks to the coaches, the helpers and Mr Bain for being our official on the ring.

Maisey        Bronze
Noah h        Bronze
Kobe          Bronze
Phoebe      Bronze
Hannah      Silver
Ewan         Bronze
Lexie          Bronze
Natasha     Silver

Genevieve  Bronze
Maisey        Bronze
Amelia        Silver
Lexie          Bronze
Minuki        Gold
Noah h       Silver
Kobe          Bronze
Jacob        Silver
Phoebe     Silver
Hannah     Silver
Nathan      Bronze
Natasha    Gold
Mark          Bronze

Natasha    Bronze