Pantera Competition July 2016

posted 5 Jul 2016, 05:58 by Sim Hadlow   [ updated 5 Jul 2016, 07:38 ]

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Pantera competition in London this year. It was a great atmosphere and every Oaks student did us proud. We were especially impressed with students' sparring movement.
Thanks also to everyone who offered lifts or made the journey up with their children.
Please see below for a list of medal winners. Let us know if we've missed anything!

Noah - Bronze sparring, patterns
Amelia - Bronze sparring, patterns
Alice D - Gold sparring, silver patterns
Edward - Gold flying high kick, bronze sparring
Samantha - Gold patterns, silver sparring
Ryan - Silver sparring
Rufus - Gold sparring
Dana - Gold sparring
Aida - Silver patterns, gold sparring
Josie - Gold sparring, patterns & flying high kick
Heather - Silver sparring
Arthur - Gold sparring, silver flying high kick
Henry - Silver sparring
Izabela - Gold sparring
Ciaran - Gold patterns, gold sparring
Dylan - Silver sparring, bronze patterns
Harrison - Gold sparring
Jimmy - Gold patterns, silver sparring
Zack - Bronze patterns, silver sparring
Leo - Bronze patterns, silver sparring
Hannah - Silver sparring
Ellie-Mai - Bronze sparring
Isaac - Bronze sparring